Friday, August 30, 2013


well, i am just gonna throw it all here ok? beb, i don't how to make you happy. i swear i don't. well, obviously i hate the fact that you are so jealous. but i also can't deny that im also jealous whenever i see that some other random girls can make you cheer up and make you happy. if only you know what is happening in my family.. hais beb. i really wanted us again. idky we are like this again. im fucking stress bithc. and i know you're have been trying your best in our friendship kan
? sorry means nothing in our friendship already.idk what to say. but literally, i cried ALOT. i mean ALOT in our friendship beb. aku sayang kau MAB. sorry for replying your msg really late. i got a fight with my mom again. and i just went out the house just like that. and im totally down now. if only you were here..... i just want be the best for you. i want make you happy. i want to be there when you need me. i want to be the best girl bestfriend for you. but i just cant. aku sayang kau beb. aku kalau boleh taknak gadoh ngan kau lagi. FUCK EVRERYTHING. i loveyou idiot :"(

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