Saturday, August 31, 2013


the feeling of just pack my bags, open the door and just leave this house. well, it just all i wanted. everyday getting scolded. you think being compared is fun? being called useless,sundal,stupid isn't what i want mom. being push away,making me embarrassed in front of the public isn't what i want step-dad. being throw with heavy stuff on my face and bruises wasn't what i wanted,bro. fuck this. hp kau nak amek,freedom kau nak amek. smue kau nak. im sick and tired of this. thats why im being wild. it all started from you guys. Being TOO strict isn't good,mom. cause that will lead me becoming a liar. seriously mama. well, basically i'm not looking forward for those good foods we eat, big house we stay. i'm finding what is the meaning of family that i've been searching for the past 7 years. hais :"\ goodnight blog.

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